Sunday, July 13, 2008

SAPP to proceed with no-confidence motion - NST

KUALA LUMPUR: Jul 13, 2008

In an about-turn, the Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) has reiterated its initial stand that it has lost confidence in the prime minister.
Its secretary-general, Datuk Richard Yong, said this in a statement posted on its official website yesterday to clarify news reports that SAPP had dropped its no-confidence motion.

He reiterated that the party would proceed with the proposed motion of no-confidence against the prime minister when the time comes.

But, he added, that it would not be carried out at the moment in order not to fall into the trap of some racialist opportunists, especially in view of the current volatile situation in the country.

He also noted that its MP for Tawau, Datuk Dr Chua Soon Bui, had at Parliament House yesterday clarified the news reports on her interview on Monday which had been distorted as she had never said SAPP had dropped the proposed motion.
Meanwhile, at the Parliament lobby yesterday, SAPP deputy president Datuk Eric Enchin Majimbun said the party was still upholding its position on the matter of a motion of no confidence against Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

"To be frank, we have not forwarded the motion yet but we may do so in future," he said.

Eric, who is also Sepanggar MP, noted that the party would probably not file the motion at this point of time.

"We have to look at all the scenarios that are happening around us. So, at the moment it may not be suitable (to file the motion)," he said.

When asked about the apparent threats made against him and Chua, Eric remained cautious.

"The threat is in the past, but I cannot say that (it is over). However, I feel safe in Malaysia. This is our country and we should feel safe in our own country."


chapchai said...

Feel safe in your own country? Tell that to Anwar Ibrahim!

sabahdapyouth said...

SAPP did pull down pak lah, but quite ok with NEW PM and they still have not join PR up till today...